Free Agent


$70 + tax/per player

Join Existing Team


$70 + tax/per player

Team Captain


$70 + tax/per player


Price per player: $70 + tax
Location: 404 Sporting Court
First Game: Tuesday January 5, 2021
Start Time: 6:45 PM +

Things to Know:

  • 5 v. 5 + Goalie
  • Co-Ed Format: Must have 2 of each gender in play
  • Playoffs: For eligible teams
  • Everyone receives our NEW poly/drifit blend League issued shirt


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Sports league management software powered by LeagueApps.


Sports league management software powered by LeagueApps.


Indoor Coed Soccer


5v5 plus a goalie (6per team total)

NO CLEATS, sneakers or indoor turf shoes only


RPS to see who kick off 1st

Game Play

  • Each game will consist of 2 25 min halves. Game clock will be started on time, regardless if teams are ready to play or not.
  • No slaughter rules
  • Teams will be on respective sides of benches on the wall side of the field.
  • Sub on the fly during game play.
  • 2 of each gender required
  • Kick off will consist of the opposing team on their half of half court and not inside the center circle.
  • A goal will be scored when the ball completely crosses the goal line.
  • Goalies may not have hands on the ball outside of goal arc designated on the turf.
  • Balls that hit the nets will be out of bounds. Balls that hit the ceiling or go over the net will result in a foul. (see fouls)
  • All out of bounds balls will be place kicked on the white line, nearest to where the ball hit the net.
  • Balls that hit the net behind the goalie will be deemed goal kicks. Goal kicks may be took inside the goal box only.
  • Goalies at no point can punt or drop kick the ball.
  • There are 2 blue lines on the field, the ball may not be kicked across both lines. doing so will result in a blue line foul. (see fouls)
  • Teams will switch sides at half.
  • There is no sliding allowed, no tackling and no high kicks.



  • Balls that hit ceiling or go over the net will result in the kicking player sitting for 2 mins.
  • In the event that a goalie kicks a ball into the ceiling or over the net, a player on the field may sit for the goalie.
  • Excessive contact and unnecessary will result in verbal warning for minor offenses. repeat offensives and excessive offenses may result in 5 min sitting penalty or ejection as deemed necessary by ref.
  • Hand balls are spot foul kicks.
  • Tripping and holding fouls are spot foul kicks.
  • Any defensive foul occurring inside the goalie box of a team trying to score will result in Penalty Kick.
  • Penalty Kicks allow only 1 kicker and the goalie. Ball will be placed on the PK dot.
  • If the kick is missed, play will resume as normal. All other players must be behind blue line till the ball is kicked.


  • Ties will result in the regular season and scored as such.
  • In championship format, 5 mins of overtime will be allotted. if more time is needed, penalty kickoff will occur.
  • Best of 5 kickers to declare the winner.