Flag Football Rules


Suggested 10 on each Roster

o   7 on Offense, 7 on Defense

o   Must have 3 of each gender in play at all times

o   Must be 21 years of age or older

Players may be substituted at any point during game play in between plays on offense or defense

o   Gender Rule still in affect at all times


Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would like to choose to have first possession or defer

o   The other team gets to pick which end zone to defend


Offense will have one set of downs to advance the ball to the next Hash Mark

There will be 4 downs in a set of downs

o   Every 3 rd play must include a gender play defined below

The Quarterback has a maximum of 5 seconds to release the ball by executing a forward pass, handoff or pitch

o   The referee will oversee counting the 5 seconds out loud

o   After the 5 seconds the QB may be rushed

Under no circumstance can the QB advance past the Line of Scrimmage without another Offensive player having Possession first or a Defensive player crossing after the 5 seconds

The Center who snaps the ball may not cross the line of scrimmage prior to 5 seconds

Line of scrimmage

o   The Offensive Team must have 5 players set at the line of scrimmage to snap

o   The referee shall signal out loud when the Line is Set


o   The QB may not cross the line of scrimmage unless they are rushed after the 5 second count

o   IF QB hands off or tosses the ball behind them to another player, that player who received the ball, can choose to take it and run immediately or throw again to any eligible offensive player

In this circumstance the 5-second waiting period automatically cancels


o   Completion is considered when a thrown ball is secured and does not hit the ground (or wall/net) while at least one foot is in bound


Cannot use the assistance of the wall or net to help you jump, catch, etc.


o   Teams are only allowed to Punt (in this case THROW) on Fourth Down if they are in their own territory and have not passed mid-field on the current possession

o   The team that is punting must announce their intentions to the Referee before setting for the 4 th down

o   Offense and Defense must have at least 6 people on the line and may not move until the ball is thrown

o   The punt is thrown in the air

NO Fake Punts are allowed

NO Punts can be blocked

The Receiving team may call for a Fair Catch

If the punt hits the net, wall, or goal then it will be considered a touchback and the offense will gain possession on the Center Dot

If the ball hits the ground it is dead and spotted where it lands


Female players must participate in a play at least once every 3 plays

o   They can participate as carrying the ball over the line of scrimmage for positive yards

o   Throwing as the QB

o   Catching as a Receiver for positive yards

After the announced Gender Play the Gender Count will go back to 0

A play must be attempted to a Female, as judged by the official

If the Gender Play is not executed by the Offensive Team it will result as an automatic Loss of Down and the offensive team will have to repeat the Gender Play

If a player of the required gender is not utilized as described in these rules during an announced gender play, any passes shall be considered incomplete, and the offensive team will lose a down (repeat Gender Play)

o   A Female must have full possession of the ball and make positive yards

A ball thats tipped from or off a Females hands, into a Male on the same team, does NOT count. The Female must make positive yards in her possession

If a Male catches the ball, laterals to a Female, this does NOT count toward the Gender Count

o   However, vice versa, it does under original Gender Count ruling


A Catch or Interception is ruled complete as soon as a Player has control of the ball

Only need 1 foot in bounds for a catch


If any part of the Receivers body touches the ground the ball is immediately dead, and the play is over

o   Example: Hand, Knee, Elbow. No sliding

If the Player drops the ball, with or without the influence of an opposing team, the ball is dead and spotted at the drop.  i.e. NO FUMBLES

The Offense can have 1 player in motion at any time

o   Must be moving horizontally across the Line of Scrimmage

The QB Cannot catch a forward pass unless it is completed beyond the Line of Scrimmage

The play is stopped immediately if the Players flags fall off intentionally, unintentionally, or on no contact

o   This eliminates argument on what actually caused the flags to fall and any grey areas


Any part of a players body crosses the goal line = TD

o   Does not need to have entire body in End Zone

o   No Diving to avoid injury

A Male Touch Down is scored will count as 6 points

A Female Touch Down is scored will count as 9 points when:

o   A ball that is thrown by a Female is caught in the End Zone by a Male (Male must already be in End Zone)

o   A ball is thrown by a Male and is caught in the End Zone by a Female

o   A ball is carried over the Goal Line by a Female

Conversion Points

o   5 Yard line = 1 Point

o   15 Yard line = 2 Points

o   No extra points are awarded if Female is involved

o   Gender Count does not apply

o   Ball is LIVE on interception

o   Under 2 minutes of play, on an extra point attempt, the clock is stopped

o   An interception on the extra point attempt is LIVE and can be returned for 2 points to the defense

Upon scoring a TD a referee will test the players flag by pulling on them to ensure thy were legally secured

A safety will result in 2 points + possession for the Defense if they pull an Offensive Players flag in their own End Zone while the Offensive Player has possession of the ball

o   If the ball is dropped or touched the End Zone its a dead-ball and loss of down

An interception taken all the way back to the opposing End Zone by a Male will result in a Male TD = 6 Points

o   Interception by a Female will result in a Female TD = 9 Points



o   Blocking

Defined as the Offensive Player forcing a Defensive Player to change his position on the field through physical contact initiated by Offensive Player

Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Legs, Head, etc.

o   Holding

A player grabbing or holding onto another to impede his motion

o   Charging / Off-Sides

If a Defensive Player crosses the Line of Scrimmage while QB still has ball before the 5-second count is completed

o   False Start

At least 5 players must be set at the line of scrimmage

An offensive player leaves before the ball is snapped

o   Illegal Forward Pass

Any forward pass thrown beyond the Line of Scrimmage

o   Illegal Quarterback Run

Quarterback runs across the Line of Scrimmage prior to the 5-second count being over

THESE PENALTIES WILL RESULT IN A SPOT-FOUL. Ball will be placed where it occurs

o   Flag Guarding

When a player in possession of the ball uses their hands, arms, elbows, or ball to prevent a defensive player from pulling their flag

When a player in possession of the ball physically slaps or pushes away opposing player

o   Pass Interference - Spot foul and automatic first down

Occurs when bodily contact initiated by a defensive player prevents an offensive player from attempting to catch a likely catchable pass

Occurs when a defensive player holds onto a part of the body or uniform of an offensive player before they have a chance to make a play on the ball

o   Illegal Contact

Any physical contact as judged by Official


o   Tackling

o   Unsportsmanlike Conduct

A Penalty on the Goal Line = Automatic LOSS OF DOWN (repeat Gender Rule if applicable)


Each game shall consist of 2 20-minute halves

The Game Clock will only stop for Team and Referee Time Outs

o   Game clock will stop on incomplete passes and players going out of bounds within the last 1-minute of the entire game (i.e. only the 2 nd half)

Each team will be allotted 1 60-second time out per half

The Conversion Point attempt shall be permitted after a TD regardless of the time on the clock

Over Time

o   If the score of the game is tied after 2 halves

o   No time outs will be awarded, and no times outs can be carried over

o   The game clock will be turned off

o   Each team will have one possession to score from mid-field

Including a Conversion Point

The team that won the initial RPS contest will get to choose the order of possession

This choice will alternate after each Overtime Period


There will be at least 2 Officials per game

o   Their duties include (but not limited to):

Keeping Time

Keeping Score

Calling Gender Count/Rule

Placing ball for snap

5-Second QB Release Count